The Sprint Super Cup 2018 in figures

More than 2,000,000 viewers from 165 countries, 48 world canoeing stars from 24 countries, about 16 metres, 120 thousand euros, more than 8 thousand spectators, 8-time Olympic champion and 28-time World champion. A GRAND INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION “CANOE SPRINT SUPER CUP” WHICH GATHERED THE ELITE OF WORLD CANOEING WAS HELD IN BARNAUL ON 21-22 SEPTEMBER 2018.

More than 2,000,000 viewers from 165 countries

watched the live broadcast of the Sprint Super Cup competition from Barnaul on the Eurosport TV channel on September 22. This information was received from this and TV channel by the Secretary General of the International Canoe Federation Simon Toulson.

48 world canoeing stars from 24 countries

participated in the competition on the Barnaul canoeing canal. Among 34 foreign and 14 Russian canoeists&kayakers were:

  • 19 participants of the Olympic games, including 2 Champions and 5 medalists;
  • 12 World Champions and 12 World Cup winners;
  • 4 European Champions and 6 European championship medalists;
  • 4 World Cup medalists.

About 16 metres

is the depth of the Barnaul canoeing canal which allows to reach the the effect of "fast water". The size of the reservoir is 1850 by 110 metres. Notably, wind rose is also favourable in the area of the venue.

120 thousand euros

is the prize fund of the competition. The winners of each category received 8 thousand, silver medalists – 6 thousand, bronze - 4 thousand euros.

More than 8 thousand spectators

visited the Barnaul canoeing canal for two competitive days of the Sprint Super Cup. According to popular TV commentator Dmitry Guberniev, there has never been such a huge number of people who came to one canoeing competition.

8-time Olympic champion and 28-time World champion

Birgit Fischer from Germany was the guest of honor of the Sprint Super Cup. Birgit is the only woman in sports history to have won Olympic medals during 24 years, and the only athlete (both women and men) to have won 12 Olympic medals in canoeing.