Viktor Tomenko,
Governor of the Altai krai, Chairman of the Government of the Altai krai

Dear friends,

Holding the World Cup stage on the Barnaul canoeing canal is a new step in the boosting of international canoeing sport which is increasingly covering new areas.

The Sprint Super Cup which was hosted by the Altai krai in 2018 was the first tournament held by the International Canoe Federation in our region. The athletes, representatives of the  International Canoe Federation as well as guests of the tournament were truly impressed by solicitar tarjeta de crédito en línea the high standard of the organisation, a genuine interest of fans and the residents' hospitality. 

The successful international competition has raised interest in kayaking and canoeing in the region. State-supported and financed material and technical base of the Altai krai continues to be strengthened.

We welcome the widening of international sports relations and coming of new friends to Altai. I hope that both athletes and foreign fans will feel as comfortable as possible in the Altai krai. We did our best to create the appropriate conditions for that.

I strongly believe the World Cup 2021 in Barnaul will be a great sports festival for both participants of the competition and fans of kayaking and canoeing in Russia and around the world!


Eugene Arkhipov,
President of the Russian Canoe Federation

Dear friends,

On behalf of the Russian Canoe Federation I cordially welcome the participants, organizers and guests of the Canoe Sprint World Cup!

The competition will be held at the canoeing base of the local sports school named after Konstantin Kostenko, a World Champion, a pioneer of the Barnaul canoeing canal. The layout is unique in its technical characteristics. After training camp in Barnaul, Russian canoeist Maxim Opalev in 2008 became the first Russian Olympic Champion in canoeing in Beijing. The canoe base of the Konstantin Kostenko sports school has been constantly in use since that time.

Thanks to the efforts of the government of the Altai krai and the Federation of Canoe of the Altai krai, a world-class canoeing centre has been created in Barnaul over the past few years. The Russian Canoe Federation considers the canoeing canal in Barnaul the most important springboard for the development of this sport in Eurasia and the preparation of Russian athletes for major international starts in this part of the world.

I am sure that the participants of the World Cup will show high results here, and the fans will enjoy an unforgettable spectacle.


Yuri Shamkov,
Chairman of the Federation of Canoe of the Altai krai

Dear friends,

Welcome to Barnaul World Cup stage where the world's strongest kayakers and canoeists came to show high results in the race and enjoy the Siberian hospitality!

The Federation of Canoe of the Altai krai is going to accept competitions of this level for many coming years. The wide governmental support of the Altai krai, the Russian Canoe Federation and the trust of the International Canoe Federation turned the dream into a reality.

We have been preparing for this event for a long time and will do our best to make the participants of the tournament feel comfortable in Altai and demonstrate high results in the race. The arrival of top-class athletes in Barnaul will serve as a great trigger for the further development of our sport in the Altai krai and Russia. I hope that the competition in the centre of Eurasia will become an unforgettable celebration of sports, friendship, cooperation for all guests and participants of the tournament!