Services for spectators

Services for spectators

There will be controlled road traffic organized by policemen from the city to the venue and parking space for 1500 cars.

The territory of sport base and canoe canal will be decorated by banners and other advertising signs.

Commercial stalls selling souvenirs with competition’s symbols, cafes with some drinks and snacks will be established.

The platform with the podium will be located next to the tribune in front of the finish line to involve visitors into the atmosphere of celebration.

On one side of the finish tower 5*8 metres size LCD screen will be installed to broadcast competitions, performances, and interviews with our famous guests. For any kind of information spectators can contact the Information Centre where volunteers will be able to answer their questions in any language.

Visitors can also take photographs with leading athletes and participate in shows and lotteries.

Free Wi-Fi Internet access will be available on the entire area.